Thabiso Phepeng

Thabiso Phepeng aka Mzansi Artist uses a combination of postmodern African art, abstract expressionism, and graffiti influences.

The mix of influences has refined a style reflected in his work through the intense focus on process as opposed to working towards a pre-planned result. He loosely describes it as “Mark Making” or “Paint for the sake of paint and colour for the sake of colour.

Born in 1981 and currently living in Zürich since Dec. 2014, having spent most of his life in South Africa, He started painting and drawing formally at the age of 11 in Thaba-Nchu, a small township town in the former landlocked Country of Bophuthatswana ( Disbanded in 1994) in an institution called Mmabana Arts and Cultural Centre.


In 1999 He then went on to study Fine Art (NDip) in Tshwane University of Technology (Pretoria, South Africa). Ever since then to date he continues to practice the discipline, as the journey goes he draws a mix of influences from his experiences, surroundings, living space, relationships, and family.

Welcome to his journey of the process...

Red Landscape
Peach Night

2021 - Vernice Gallery, Zurich

2021 - Space and Lines, Andermatt

2020 - Guerilla Classics Hyperlokal Event

2018 - Gallery Ethnicity Zürich

2018 - Gallery Le-Sud, Zürich

2018 - The Bite, Zürich

2017 - Kafi Schoffel, Zürich

2016 - Fritz86, Zürich

2016 - Kafi Schoffel, Zürich 2016

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