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Afrinova collaborates and partners with an international network of industry professionals, institutions and spaces for curation, exhibition and intercultural workshops. See some of our collaborations below.


Artist Development

We help to develop the portfolios of talented artists from various parts of the African continent and its diaspora for exhibition and collaborative projects with creatives based in Switzerland.

Art Sales

Afrinova offers a range of Contemporary African artworks that can be purchased through our site, catalogues and exhibitions. 

We oversee and coordinate the sales processes from promotion to sales and delivery.

Art Gallery
New Africa Exhibition - Basel

June/July 2021

The New Africa group exhibition is Afrinova's first exhibit showcasing artworks from 6 talented artists of Africa & the diaspora.

We combine creative elements of Art, Design and Culture to showcase how all these factors are influencing new narratives from the continent.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition  Here

vr 6.jpeg
Museum Rietberg Workshop

May 2021

Afrinova and Museum Rietberg co-facilitated a dialogue session with a select group of African diaspora creatives and artists based in Switzerland.

The intercultural session developed by Afrinova is aimed at initiating more collaborations and conversations between the museum and diasporic community.

museum rietberg.HEIC
gueraila classic X Afrinova

June 2020

Afrinova had the unique opportunity of co-curating an event hosted by Zurich-based classical music company guerillaclassics.

We were able to share our creative direction and bring in & exhibit the artistic talents of South African visual artist, Thabiso Phepheng (Mzansi Artist).

Artist Sponsorship

August 2020

Afrinova awarded two talented artists with entries into the Artbox Projects which showcased their digital works at the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich.

Our main recipient 200CHF Ras Silas Motse showcased 5 of his works, joined by Afrinova emerging artist Simphiwe Kaka who received a 50CHF entry.

Ras Silas Artbox.jpg

clients & collaborators

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