Rediet Sisay

Rediet Sisay is an Ethiopian-born mixed media artist residing in Germany. As a Fine Art and Graphic Design graduate from the Addis Ababa Fine Art School, she has had extensive experience as an artist with a range of involvement in exhibitions and international residency programs.

Rediets' artworks are inspired by relationships from her upbringing in a close-knit family and community. She explores identity through her celebration of culture and tradition - which also informs her experience as an immigrant.

Her work beautifully travels through a range of emotions that she experiences as both an outsider and insider of two worlds.

In the Artists words: "All these things influence my artwork until know. My paintings focus

on human interactions and nature. I always like to paint what I see and I feel as a woman."


AVAILABLE: Until 100x100

SOLD - Hope is not a dream 2 - 80x80

AVAILABLE - Hope is not a dream 1 -80x80

SOLD: Moni

AVAILABLE: Where 100x100

Achievements and Associations:

2019 Group Art Exhibition in Japan Tokyo "Art Olympia" Metropolitan Art Museum

2018 Group Art Exhibition in Germany Bremen "Kunst Salat" in Villa Sponte.

2018 Group Art Exhibition in London Laura Art Gallery.

2017 Group Art Exhibition collective Identity 2 greskewitz kleinitz gallery, Hamburg Germany

2016 solo Art Exhibition in Galani coffee warehouse and Gallery, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 

2015 Group Art Exhibition in Alte spinnerei, Leipzig Germany 

2014 Group Art Exhibition 2thmeeting, South Korea

2013 Group Art Exhibition with finding us Uzbekistan Museum, Uzbekistan 

2013 March 25 Group Art Exhibition 26th ASROPA international in santarosa Gallery, South Korea

2012-2014 Group Art Exhibition Art of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 

2012 Group Art Exhibition at National Museum for museum day, Addis Ababa Ethiopia


2013 Biennales "one world different cultures" prize winner as a group with "finding us"

2019 Exellence Award Art Olympia


2014 Ja Ram Residency container project, south Korea 
2015 Artist residency in spinnerei Leipzig Germany

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