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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

My name is Keabetswe Boccomino, the founder and creator of Afrinova.

We are 3 months in and it has already been an exciting journey of not only providing a platform for African creativity but connecting with like-minded people and communities who support our vision.

Afrinova aims to introduce a new and authentic experience of contemporary art & design from Africa & the diaspora. And, we are committed to creating a more tangible understanding of African creativity that honours an authentic narrative about the continent, and therefore its people.

By providing a platform where people can engage and experience the creative offering from Africa - we hope to encourage more curiosity, appreciation and collaboration that invites the Swiss and European community into our creative culture.

In the past few months that Afrinova has been around, we have been invited to co-curate an intimate intercultural sound experience in Zurich for the classical musical association guerillaclassics.

For this event, we also brought in a Swiss-based South African

graffiti artist, Thabiso Phepeng who exhibited his work and wow'd us with his live painting skill and talent.

And most recently, we have awarded two impressive African artists with entries into the Art.Box Project.2.0 which will showcase their artworks at the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich this August.

A huge thank-you to guerillaclassics and creative artists Thabiso Phepeng, Ras Silas Motse and Simphiwe Kaka for the incredible collaborations.

-Read about these artists and more in our current newsletter here.-

Afrinova is an ever-growing brand and community and that is why we ask that you buckle up for the exciting ride ahead - as we look forward to bringing you more projects whilst sharing some exciting creative content with you.

In the meantime…

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