Thokozani Madonsela launches the newly curated Love Protest collection

Updated: Mar 30

Limited edition Love Protest t-shirts by TK – adding yet another exciting addition to the Love Protest collection an even more bespoke wearable merch for art lovers.

The Love Protest t-shirt is a South African made soft, comfortable and good quality top. It encompasses of the artist statement from Thokozani Madonsela’s first Love protest solo exhibition.

My figures are a representative of stories we often should include on our small talk. On a regular day, waking up and fulfilling ones’ purpose is the anticipated norm” said Madonsela

This collection comes in 3 full-sized colours (black, white and grey) available online. With such simplicity, Love Protest is designed to narrate African stories one painting at a time and now one t-shirt at a time.

About Thokozani Madonsela

A mural artist, painter and a printmaker, Over the years, Thokozani’s work has been most recognizable for its iconic nude, faceless, often laughing figures. This has been a bold statement he has used to depict neutrality in human identity.

He also specializes in different mediums such as charcoal drawings, painting and mosaic art.

Thokozani has participated in a number of group exhibitions such as the SA Taxi Foundation, Art Awards and Absa L’Atelier to name a few...

In his body of work, he uses warm colours to evoke a sense of comfort and reassurance, a silver lining of sorts, which resembles light at the end of this tunnel.

Text via A Girl & A Guy

You can Follow Thokozane and view more of his amazing art here

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