Solomon Omogboye (NI) - Artist Profile

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The artist work captures a dreamlike yet tangible state of innocence that is brought to life by his vibrant use of colour.


The captivating work of Nigerian-born artist Solomon Omogboye is an experience that brilliantly uses a range of multi-layered elements to invoke a sense of intrigue and introspection.

The unpretentious portrayal of his subjects which are often captured through portraiture touches on an innocence that his use of colour and technique collectively breathe life into. It envisages a youthful spirit released through the layered brush strokes in his work.

Omogboye’s prolific work has also gained him popularity as a rising star in the contemporary art field, with an award for the AADS Best Artist of the year gained in 2007. The artist hosted his first solo exhibition in 2019 at Art in the Yard in Franschhoek South Africa. The exhibition titled ‘Cross and Crown’ is an accurate title that speak to the artists’ work which explores deep emotional states of pain, sadness and fear whilst celebrating the triumphant spirit that overcomes them.

Solomon Omogboye’s is sure to captivate any viewer with his work and we predict this to be one of many more exhibits to come for the talented artist. In the meantime… you can stay up-to-date with the artist and view his works on his Instagram page below.

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