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Photographers That Inspire Us

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

In celebration of World Photography Day, we've compiled a list of some of the remarkable African photographers who are using their art to share new narratives.

Michael Aboya - Ghana

Michael is not shy to celebrate his love for his country. The Ghanian photographer finds no limitation in expressing confidence through his visual representations of what freedom feels like.

Being behind the camera is one of his greatest strengths where he finds new ways of defining his world. Aboya’s photography symbolizes the identity, origins and culture of Ghanaians which are a defining part of their identity.

His photographs are nothing but inspiration and empowerment to rise above situations and pain. His artistic vision is to capture the truth to show the world love, peace and harmony.

Images: @aboya.8

Aida Muluneh – Ethiopia

Aida is a unique photographer whose compositions intertwine the past, present and future. Her creativity allows her images to explore the Ethiopian identity using an array of symbolism and captivating colours. Aida’s mission

is to compel the work of artistic self-portrayal and help form a new vision for Africa.

She explores a variety of forms, portraiture, studio portraits, commercial photography which is a breathtakingly bold representation of Africa. Her photography is devoted to developing and educating society through art and to broaden the world’s perception of Africa.

Images: @aidamuluneh

Lee-Roy Jason – South Africa

The emphasis on characteristics and features in Lee-Roy’s photos is a very vibrant approach to photography. It is amazing to witness his ability to cover harsh subject matter whilst unveiling the beauty of life.

The Cape Town-born photographer is no stranger to the creative scene, both local and international. He has been in partnership and has worked on projects with AfroPunk Paris, Standard Bank, and daily mail (UK), amongst others. The nature of his work may be challenging but it leaves the viewer with a significant sense of hope and encouragement for those who are often marginalised.

Images: @darealclickclak

Vicky Sheelongo - Namibia

Fashion editorial photographer fascinated by images and fashion, blends her talents and interests to share captivating visual stories.

Vicky is a self-taught photographer who is unapologetically portraying black culture in all its uniqueness. Her photographs show off mood and emotion, which grabs the viewer’s attention and engage the spectator to the story being told. Sheelongo makes meaningful art by embracing the shadows around the subject to make the stories and imperfections to reflect reality. Highlighting and sharing human experiences allows her to go wherever she needs to and break the limits.

Images: @vickysheelongo

Prince Gyasi – Ghana

The internationally recognized photographer captures uplifting images that employ storytelling, hope and emotion.

Only using his iPhone to capture images, he distinctly uses colour to heal viewers mentally and emotionally.

He focuses on the nature of his subject’s motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood and foremost uses the childhood portraits to create awareness in challenges faced by children in his hometown, Accra. His enormous amount of talent, drive and inspiration have him focusing on images of women which illustrates their strength and sacrifice.

Images: @princejyesi

Andile Buka – South Africa

Andile has been setting blazes on the creative field by working in the midst of liveliness and power, locally and internationally. His work explores identity and his photography is driven and inspired by his city, Johannesburg. Andile’s immense input in the industry gained him the opportunity to exhibit in Lagos photo festival and publish his book titled ‘crossing strangers’. The commercial photographer has worked with Adidas South Africa, Levi’s and Superga. The Soweto-born creative is part of a creative collective which challenges the parochial ideas towards blackness in modern society.

Images: @buka_andile

Article By: Thembisa Khobeni

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