Merikokeb Berhanu (ET) - Artist Profile

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The abstract work of Merikokeb Berhanu is a deep and intimate expression of the interconnected nature of various life forms.

Ethiopian artist Merikokeb Berhanu

has a unique way of depicting the various microcosms that make up the fabric of our existence without overstating that fact.

Her captivating work which is often inspired by a fascinating fusion of memories, emotions and the artists' imagination, uses themes from nature and life itself to relay an ambiguous yet understandable message.

Positioned against a dense colour scheme of a blue and green background, her paintings make use of shapes and symbols that make reference to various life forms.

These feature prevalent images of the embryo, brain and cells which the artist describes to the Addis Fine Art Gallery as “the building blocks of life”.

This is very much visible in her composition of shapes which form a larger structural unit, much like what one would see when looking through the lens of a microscope.

But, Berhanu’s body of work creatively re-imagines these structures through colour and emotion to capture their unexplored essence.

Her art pieces, often left untitled open up the viewer to construct their own meaning and understanding from them, thus allowing the art to speak for itself. It undoubtedly draws us closer to revaluate if not be more conscious of the depth and intricacy of various life forms that we interact and continuously engage with.

To learn more about Merikokeb Berhanu, visit or go to @addisfineart on Instagram.

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