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Updated: May 18

20.09 - 26.09 Here is our ‘must-see’ list of talented artists from Africa & the diaspora that we look forward to seeing at this year’s Liste Art Fair, taking place in Basel.

We are happy to see such an amazing representation of artists and galleries that will be showcased at this year's fair.

The 2021 fair beautifully echoes our shared values of collaboration and solidarity to share new discoveries in the contemporary art world. Liste Art Fair will welcome 81 galleries from 33 countries, representing an impressive total of 106 artists.

Afrinova is super excited to witness some of the unique talent hailing from Africa and the diaspora that will be showcased on this international stage.

See some of these artists below:

- Binelde Hyrcan

The Angolan multi-disciplinary artists works across painting, sculpture and performance. Binelde uses his art to critique social structure of power and human vanity, addressing the " absurdity represented by political and social customs and attitudes."

Read More via Delfina Foundation

- Deborah Segun

Deborah is a Lagos, Nigeria-based artist whose work highlights form whilst playfully incorporating elements of abstraction and cubism.


- Donna Kukama

Donna is a South African " interdisciplinary artist whose practice presents institutions, books, monuments, gestures of protest, and economies that are as real as they are fictitious. "

Read More via Trans Art Institute

- Ekene Stanley Emecheta

Ekene's paintings eliminate skin colour from the subject to place a particular focus on the surroundings and context that they exist in. " Firmly rooted in his African heritage...; Emecheta intends to broaden the interpretation inviting the viewer to become physically and emotionally invested in the subject’s story."

Read More via Frieze

- Sandra Poulson

Angolan artist Sandra, uses her practice to pose questions about the task of decoloniality, " My practice utilizes family and inherited societal memory from colonial Angola and the civil war to dismantle contemporary Angola through semiotics studies of ordinary (cultural) objects."

Read More

- Katlego Tlabela

South African artist, Katlego's work is directed towards a positive representation of black bodies and experiences. His works explore various socio-political contexts through "Resistance, protest, pride and dialogues around race and positive methods of representation of the Black body and experience, are visualised through text-based and visual works often revisiting history and relating it back to contemporary events." Read More via Unit London

- Kresiah Mukwazhi’s

Kresiah, a Zimbabwean artist addresses many overlooked questions and perspectives surrounding the sex industry. "It aims to be a testament of her determination to address latent forms of patriarchy and systemic violence by interrogating the mechanisms that force some women into precarious labour and working conditions often led by brutality and coercion. "

Read More via ArtReview

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