Leeroy Jason at Nexus Photo Fringe - Brighton, UK

#Afrinovartist and photographer Leeroy Jason is showcasing his work at the Brighton Fringe Festival, as part of the Nexus 2020 group exhibition.

The South African artist joins 25 other international artists whose stunning images reflect “on our humanity - our differences, our shared heritage and the many sensibilities we have in common”.

The exhibition forms part of an ongoing collaboration between Urban Flo Creatives and artist Vian Roos in association with Vrystaat Arts Festival (South Africa), Brighton Fringe (UK), Lagos Fringe (Nigeria) and The Brighton Storeroom Gallery (Barbados).

Leeroy's photographic works are exhibited around various locations such as the Plus X Innovation Hub, Jubilee Library and the Brighton Dome. Forming part of the popular UK arts and culture festival Brighton Fringe.

A big thank you to Urban Flo Creative and its partners for putting together this fantastic project.

Click Here Leeroy Jason's Profile

Learn More about Nexus2020 Here.

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