Buhle Nkalashe (SA) x guerrillaclassics (CH)

Updated: May 11, 2020

Swiss-based guerrillaclassics collaborates with South African artist Buhle Nkalashe to produce the artwork for their tour titled ‘Percussion Threads from Zurich to Mzansi’.

painting by Buhle Nkalashe
Buhle Nkalashe for guerilla classics

It’s always a unique experience to witness the result of two worlds colliding to interpret a creative concept, especially when it’s through two completely different art forms.

And this particular collaboration does just that…

Zurich based guerrillaclassics is known for its cross-cultural approach to classical music performance in unconventional public spaces. But, its recent musical ensemble took this a step further with its composition led by renowned South African Composer Neo Muyanga, and representation through the youthful artwork of South African artist Buhle Nkalashe.

Buhle’s artwork is an abstract representation of culture through the colourful shapes and patterns that inform many of our African identities and heritage. He uses contemporary images to perfectly encapsulate the relationship that young African people have with their cultures in a globalised world.

As a highly celebrated emerging artist, Buhle creates art that not only reflects contemporary African society but, he makes bold statements that call for us to reconnect with parts of our forgotten youth.

The art created by Buhle for guerrillaclassics is a unique visual of their tour which took place in Switzerland and South Africa. The show was performed by artists from both countries, making Buhle’s work a likewise unique representation for them.

But what significance and value does such an artwork bring to a show like guerrilla classic’s, ‘Percussion Threads from Zurich to Mzansi’?

Afrinova spoke to Hiromi Gut founder of the Zurich based classical music organisation: “Our collaboration with Buhle was a great opportunity for us to give our shows in South Africa a visual that showed the spirit of the musical collaboration of two continents.” says Hiromi.

Buhle Nkalashe is an artist that we anticipate seeing more of and we can’t wait to experience the amazing artistry and themes that he will be exploring in the future.

You can check out some of Buhle’s work below:



Buhle Nkalashe, New African, Artist
Buhle Nkalashe - New African Exhibition

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