Artist Profile - Ras Silas Motse

Ras Silas Motse is a South African contemporary, minimalist, Afro-centric, and Avant-Garde artist who works with a concept of capturing feelings and identity to narrate contemporary concepts.

Sekepa sa ho Qetela (The last Ship) .2020

He reflects on the inner and outer being through his portraiture works. Silas goes beyond the

surface to try to find his own identity whilst questioning the nature of his everyday life.

His portraiture and mixed media art uses a concept of capturing feelings to narrate contemporary

ideas using different African people.

He is currently working on a theme he calls The Middle Passage

Revisited which was inspired by Tom Feelings.

“I follow an idea or concept where it leads me and often ends up somewhere quite unexpected. My work is a therapeutic way of dealing with the issues it focuses on and it aims to give the audience my perspective and some comfort in those who experienced similar situations and beyond. "

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