Artist Profile - Baraka Joseph Mutuku

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Baraka Joseph Mutuku, better known as Baraka art is bringing some life and colour to the fine art and contemporary art scene. The self-taught Nairobi based artist has a unique way of exploring the various influences of society through his contemporary surrealist style.

Inspired by the various human interactions that he observes, his work documents images of culture and youth subcultures that speak to his own experiences as a youth living in Kenya.

Baraka’s imaginative interpretations not only engage us through the artists choice of colours but also imagery which takes us into his inner creative thoughts.

His ‘Thought’ series surely gives us a refreshing take on a historic art movement by incorporating both modern and cultural elements into his art.

Baraka’s earlier works are also ones to note as he celebrates the unique fashion and styles that can be found in the tribes of the Omo Valley. He beautifully illustrates how the vibrant colours of accessories, nature and face paint come together to create unique looks of what we should also begin to consider as high fashion. It is beautiful to see how he celebrates and portrays traditional culture in a unique way that we rarely get to experience

Baraka Joseph
Blue Mucus.2020 -Acrylic on canvas. 58x42cm

Baraka may be a young emerging artist but his style and skill speak to the impeccable creative talent that the artist possesses. He has already gained the attention of art collectors both locally and internationally, along with exhibitions at the United Nations Kenya, Kenya Museum of art & culture and Pan Africans hotel.

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