Afrinova New Africa Exhibition

Updated: May 25

Basel 2021 - We are inviting you and art lovers to an immersive experience where ART x DESIGN x CULTURE collide, giving us the NEW AFRICA exhibition.

AFRINOVA will help show how the confluence of all of these factors is inspiring the multitude of creative interpretations and narratives from Africa, and the diaspora.

The pop up-exhibition will introduce and promote the concept of a new Africa. An intercultural experience for the Swiss and EU community to reconnect with Africa and its people in a new way.

The exhibition, hosted from 25 June 2021 – 3 July 2021 at Atelier Mondial in the city of Basel, is a contemporary African art occasion where 6 talented artists will showcase their art.

Each artist will give audiences a glimpse into their current struggles, celebrations and re-interpretations of culture and heritage taking place in their societies.

NEW AFRICA Exhibition Artists (Left to Right)

Selloane Moeti, a visual artist from Durban, South Africa. She specialises in oil painting and performance art – a body of work linked to cleansing, healing, dislocation and relocation.

Patrick Planter was born and raised in Jamaica. The fine art photographer and photojournalist currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Patrick captures the reality of his own professionally picturesque endeavour.

Buhle Nkalashe is South African mixed media artist who focuses on portraiture, and incorporates cultural elements through patterns and colour. Named as one of SAATCHI’s 35 under 35 artists for 2020, Buhle documents the evolvement of African contemporary culture over the years.

Rediet Sisay is an Ethiopian artist based in Hamburg, Germany. With past exhibitions in Japan and Germany, Rediet’s modernist artworks are inspired by relationships from her upbringing among family and community.

Simphiwe Kaka is an emerging artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Sfumato and impasto are his chosen artistic techniques. Currently, his work explores the experiences of South African youth who have false hope brought upon by the ‘new South Africa’.

Thabiso Phepeng is a South African abstractionist based in Zurich. Thabiso combines postmodern African art, abstract expressionism and graffiti influences.

25 June 2021

Opening Night Event - 20CHF

Tickets to our opening event are now available for purchase Here.

* Limited Tickets Available*

Exhibition Schedule

New Africa Opening

Friday, 25.06.2021 – 18:00pm

  • Live Performance.

  • Curated playlist by Swiss Afro music DJ Katie Omole (Ka.raba).

  • Wine Tasting & Aperetif

Saturday, 26.06.2021 – 12:00pm – 18:00pm

  • Family day with music by Swiss Afro music DJ Katie Omole (Ka.raba).

Exhibition FREE to public.

Mon -Sat. 28.06.2021 till 03.07.2021

  • 11.00am – 18:00pm

Exhibition FREE to public.

*Limited Tickets Available*

PLEASE NOTE: Covid measures and restrictions will be respected and applied. Sanitizing stations and masks will be made available at the event.