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5 tips to collecting art and discovering new artists

Updated: May 6

Buying art does not have to be an intimidating process. With the right support, art lovers can easily invest in starting their own art collection. Afrinova has compiled some quick tips to help you get started...

Some people see art collecting as a hobby. Others lean more towards being investors.

Usemhlabeni wama phupha (you're in the land of dreams) Oil paint on canvas.60cm x 80cm. 2020

Overall, it is mainly the love and enthusiasm that encourages discovering new artists and collecting art.

It is vital to understand where to start on your journey to begin collecting and why you want to begin collecting in the first place. It is also important to know what the market looks like.

Here are some tips to get you going:

1. Finding places with art by an established artist is not the same as an emerging artist because emerging artists are mostly unknown or under-represented. However, with some research, you are able to find promising artists and their work on Instagram, via art residencies, small galleries and by reading art reviews – to name but a few.

2. To start buying art, it is beneficial to spend time attending exhibitions and opening events. Now that we are in a pandemic, online buying is the current process.

3. Once you have insight on what artwork you like and dislike, it will be helpful to make significant purchases for your budding collection. Determine if you prefer two or three-dimensional artwork.

That decision will lead you to various categories including sculptures, ceramics, prints, photography, drawing, mixed media, textiles and more.

4. Define the budget you are willing to work with when it comes to searching for the artwork you want to buy. Emerging art is more affordable. Style and mediums are usually organised on platforms according to their price range.

5. While buying emerging art, keep in mind that you are supporting an art market that is well-balanced. Your purchase will impact an artist’s career and give them an opportunity to also build their profile.

Afrinova Virtual Gallery

Online access to art has created great opportunities for new collectors and those looking to discover new artists.

That is why Afrinova offers sustainable ways to assist collectors in their search for new art and artists.

Contact us today to receive Afrinova's latest art catalogue that features some of the best talents in emerging contemporary African art.

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