5 Digital Artists We Love to Follow

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We’ve put together some of our favourite digital artist and their works for you to check out. These artists give us the kind of creative exploration and re-imagining of identity that we love to see.

We love to see how technology has helped to unleash a new kind of creativity and visual output for artists and illustrators. Digital art offers us a beautiful and unique multi-layered experience that adds a much-needed dynamic to the art world.

Whether it’s a mix of photography, prints or illusionism, it is no wonder to us why this art form is becoming more popular and going mainstream. Check out these amazing artists that we love to follow:

Dav Andrew

The illustrator & cartoonist can be found creating all kinds of on-trend, tongue-in-cheek content on everyday news in South Africa. He likewise creates amazing tributes to African culture and its icons. We are absolutely inspired by his latest project titled #CollabWithDav which has brought together digital artists from across Africa who submitted over 43 entries sharing their interpretation of Afrofuturism.

Shyama Golden

Shyama’s layered work of illustrations celebrates women in some beautifully coloured and unconventional ways. We cannot get enough of how she is able to bring in elements of nature and bright colours to add different dimensions to her characters. Her commissioned artworks have seen her create portraits of some of Hollywood’s big names such as Regina Hall, Spike Lee and Drake.

Thabiso Lindani Mbambo

Thabiso’s work brings a new meaning to afro-punk with his colourful imagery that incorporates cultural prints and accessories onto his characters. We love how he has found a way to depict the current trend where young people celebrate heritage in a contemporary world.

Alexis Tsegba

Alexis perfectly combines photographic and digital illustration elements to tap into a new world. Building on both fantasy and reality, we can’t help but imagine ourselves in her amazing world where we are ethereal beings and the cosmos are our playground.

Erin Robinson

Brooklyn Dolly creates some enchanting portraits that give off an airy and vibrant feel. Her work is often layered with textures that add to her characters depth and emotion. Erin is also a published illustrator as she created the illustrations for the book Brave Black First - 50 African American Women Who Changed The World, which was co-published by the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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